5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Florida’s Intense Summers

Florida has elevated temperatures all year round, but the summers are exceedingly intense. The temp can reach the high 90’s and stay there for weeks. Records surpass 100 Fahrenheit, and nobody wants to be caught without a well-cooled home. Not only is this high heat uncomfortable but can be detrimental to your health.

Want to ready to cool your home when summer hits? Follow these five steps to get a head start today.

1: AC Duct Cleaning

AC duct cleaning Deerfield Beach is vital if you want your unit to continue working properly. Dirt, dust, and debris can stop your unit from adequately cooling the house. It can also cause the system to stop work entirely.

2: Check/Repair Screens

Some days the weather may be cool enough to open the screens and turn on the fans. You will want to make sure none of the screens on your doors or windows have holes or rips in them. This will let bugs inside the home.

3: Check Ventilation Systems

The ventilation systems for your kitchen or laundry room should be checked prior to summer. Ensuring they are working properly will cut down on the excess heat these rooms may promote. Excess heat will case your AC unit to work overtime and will rise the overall temperature inside the home.

4: Ensure All Ceiling Fans Work

Ceiling fans, when paired with open windows, are often enough on milder summer days. You will want to ensure they all work properly, however, or else they will be of no use to you.

5: Check for Holes, Cracks, Etc.

AC duct cleaning Deerfield Beach

Holes, cracks, and other openings in window panes, walls, or doors can let cool air out of the home and warm air inside. Patching up openings, or resealing doors and windows can help keep your home cooler.